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When you enter into an agreement to travel with Go See Travel LLC, you agree to the following terms, and you agree to convey the contents of this Agreement to your traveling family members or companions:


  1. Responsibility: Go See Travel LLC ("We") act as an agent for the airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, lodging providers, car-rental companies, ground operators, and any other suppliers of travel services shown on your itinerary. We are not responsible for the acts or omissions of such suppliers or their subcontractors or their failure to provide services, adhere to their own schedules, or honor their contracts.

  2. Hazards: We have no special knowledge regarding foreign entry requirements, unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards, supplier bankruptcies, or the suitability for disabled persons of any portion of any tour. For State Department travel advisories, go to For foreign health requirements and dangers, go to You hereby release us from any claims resulting in whole or in part from any problem covered in this paragraph and any other causes not within our control, and to submit all other claims against us within 30 days after the return of your trip.

  3. Limitation of Refunds: All airlines impose cancellation and change penalties of up to 100% for many discount tickets. All tour operators, cruise lines, and some resort hotels impose cancellation and change penalties, too. Please view the applicable rules before you make your reservation.

  4. Delays: Flight delays are very common today. If your flight is delayed for any reason, the airlines are not required by law to pay for your en-route expenses, such as meals, hotels, taxis, and phone calls.

  5. Check Your Itinerary: As soon as you receive your booked itinerary, check it thoroughly to make sure it is correct as to dates, times, fares, and rates.

  6. Reconfirmation: Schedule changes are quite common today. We urge you to re-check exact flight times prior to departure and prior to your return.

  7. Package Trips: If you book a trip, we must collect the tour operator, resort, or cruise line’s deposit when reservations are made. The amount of the deposit, the refund allowed, and the times for canceling vary according to the tour operator or cruise line. We do not endorse any tour operator or cruise line. 

  8. Charter Trips: If your package trip involves a charter flight, or if your vacation involves an air-only charter flight, federal regulations require that you also sign the charter operator's participant agreement, which will be mailed to you. It is extremely important that you realize that, for charters:

    • Departure times (both going and returning) can change at the last minute. These delays legally can be as much as 48 hours (approximately two days late).

    • Your flight may be advertised as non-stop; however, the operator may legally change the routing and make intermediate stops at the last minute.

    • The charter operator may legally-substitute types of aircraft and even airline at the last minute. Charter aircraft are generally not as comfortable as scheduled aircraft.

    • The charter operator generally takes no responsibility for baggage It is not unusual to have luggage misplaced.

    • Charter trips have very stiff cancellation penalties. No one plans a trip with the idea of canceling; however, sometimes that becomes necessary and you must understand what to expect or not expect in the way of refunds.

    • Usually, no frequent flyer miles are accrued.

    • Advance seat assignments are frequently not available.

  9. Final Payment: For all vacation trips, you must have made full payment before we release the tickets or documents.

  10. Non-Use of Coupons: In the event that you purchase a ticket or tickets containing flight coupons that you may or may not use, we do not guarantee that the airline will honor the ticket or tickets, and you agree to indemnify us against airline claims for the difference between the full fare for your actual itinerary and the value of the ticket that you purchased.

  11. Foreign Currency: Currency rates quoted are based on various publicly available sources. Rates are not verified as accurate, and actual rates may vary until booked.

  12. Power of Attorney: As our client, you hereby appoint us to be your attorneys-in-fact for the purpose of signing all documents necessary to purchase and issue airline tickets, tours, cruises, and hotel guarantees for late arrival. You authorize any of the attorneys-in-fact to sign credit card authorizations for said purchases whenever any of them receives an Internet booking request reasonably believed to be from you or someone acting on your behalf, requesting those tickets be charged to this credit card account. You agree that you will pay for all such purchases and will not hold us responsible for any of our actions pursuant to this power of attorney.

  13. Exclusive Jurisdiction: All suits in connection with, or incident to, this Agreement shall be litigated, if at all, in the courts of the Country of the United States of America, State of Ohio, Franklin County, to the exclusion of other courts of any other state.

  14. Required Documentation:  It is the responsibility of the client (you) to understand the requirements of entry for your destination and return, as well as required documentation to travel. Go See Travel LLC will advise on such as aware, but shall not be held responsible for providing this information.

  15. Research and Planning Fees:  The client (you) acknowledges that any planning and research fees collected by Go See Travel LLC in advance of the travel planning process are non-refundable.

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