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We all have different ideas about what makes a perfect destination. Here are just a few options that we offer. Interested in something else? Just let us know. If it isn't our area of expertise, we are happy to refer you to another qualified agency that specializes in the destination or type of travel that you want. 


Caribbean Destinations



Jamaica is a vibe. It's very popular with U.S. travelers for its beautiful views and laid-back atmosphere. Jamaica offers proximity to the U.S., numerous flight options, and an abundance of all-inclusive resorts for couples, families, or solo travelers.

Image by Paulo Evangelista


Aruba sits outside of the Caribbean hurricane zone, making it the perfect year-round destination. Crystal clear water, beautiful natural rock formations, and the friendliest of people make this "one happy" island a perfect escape.

Image by Toni Osmundson

US Virgin Islands

The beautiful US Virgin Islands are a US Territory - which means you don't have to worry about having a passport to travel there! From happening St. Thomas to quiet St. John, and the more distant St. Croix, there is something to please everyone on these wonderful islands.

European Destinations

Image by Jonathan Körner


From the beautiful canals of Venice to the vineyards of Tuscany; from historic Rome to the Renaissance art and architecture of Florence; from the cosmopolitan vibe of Milan to the international feel of Trieste, a visit to Italy is like a visit to a diverse range of countries. Which Italy would you like to see?



Iceland is a wonderful place to visit - even in the winter. The capital city of Reykjavik is a perfect place to base and do tours from there. In the summer, consider renting a car and driving the Ring Road, which encircles the island. The people of Iceland are warm and wonderful, and the country itself offers otherworldly landscapes, black sand beaches, glaciers, and the possibility of seeing the incredible Northern Lights.

Image by Vita Marija Murenaite


While Lisbon is a popular stop on European and Trans-Atlantic cruises, it's also a beautiful place to spend a week or so on vacation. The architecture and history alone are worth a visit, and it's proximity to other popular destinations such as Sintra (home of the fairy tale palace you've probably seen somewhere along the way) make it a great base to explore much of Portugal.

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